Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sliding Barn Doors

Photo: Refreshed Designs

Thanks Mom, for suggesting we get internal, sliding barn-style doors to divide our living and dining rooms. If we can't build a house yet on our farm, we can do the next best thing: bring the farm into our current home.

The previous owners of our California Bungalow apparently removed what were reportedly lovely stained-glass double doors from between our living and dining room. I hadn't thought about doors until Mom suggested it. Doors would allow us the flexibility of closing off the lounge if somebody is watching a movie to minimise sound, or if the kids are playing Wii while the adults are chatting in the dining area. Sliding doors will save the space that would be needed to swing normal hinge doors open and shut.

Photo: Houzz

I'd definitely like a row of three windows like this but a simple green-stained design to mimic our front entrance double doors. I want to see the light between rooms. And be able to snoop on what the kids are doing.

Rustica Hardware produces this beautiful, timber and stainless steel hardware for barn doors.

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