Friday, April 6, 2012

Horses, History and Hope

The Relay for Life was held this past weekend in town on our main football oval to raise hope and funds for cancer research.

Round and round the oval walked my daughter, all bundled up to ward off the nippy night, and drinking coffee to stave off sleepiness.

My son received his first team Australian Rules Football jersey, playing under the same number as his father - 18. With his friend on the left and his friend's grandparents.

Uncle John stopped by at Nona's with a generous supply of grapes and green apples from his orchard.

My daughter did a great job experimenting with Easter bunny cupcake designs.

On top of it all, the weekend was full of events celebrating a special anniversary for the area's military history:

  • a parade on the main street and fireworks on Friday night
  • horse and riders appeared from the riverside park in front of our house and clip clopped up the street on Saturday ahead of an outdoor cinema evening showing War Horse as families snuggled together on the grassy hills of the park
  • displays and a market in the riverside park.

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