Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fishing, Footy and Feeding

Our annual Easter long weekend camping trip with two other families - Trawool Tradish - kicked off on Good Friday with prawns, oysters and fish.

The camping trip focal point is a fishing competition with a large trophy. Casting off from Goulburn River's edge.

Or fishing from a boat. Not much was biting. Only two fish were caught.

Here was the winning cod.

Next was this trout.

Throughout the weekend, flotillas of families canoed and paddled past, waving hello. The boys dug in the dirt and played football with the dads. Easter Sunday always brings the crinkly sound of wrappers slid back off chocolate eggs found and bunnies gifted. My daughter's Donna Hay cupcakes decorated as bunny faces were a big hit.

Now when I say camping, I really mean caravanning as we are not really roughing it. Even though I think it's a bit rough that we have to do our business into a deeply-dug hole upon which sits a commode-style folding chair, covered by a tent for privacy. We have the luxury of being able to cook on a gas stove top or in the electric oven in our caravan.

Or there's a microwave.

But the best cooking is done outdoors. Like kneading dough in our friend's outdoor, netted kitchen and then baking bread and pizzas in a Weber Cube.

And making spaghetti bolognese. Or frying up bacon and eggs on a hotplate over the fire.

It's a good setup by the river. Our trailer.

Our friends' set up. Yup. A TV at the ready for a movie night under the stars.

But mostly the night is spent sitting around the fire, toasting marshmallows and sharing funny stories.

Or having a bit of quiet time alone.

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