Saturday, March 10, 2012

Foraging and Flocks on the Farm

After 10 inches of rain in one week, there was not only damage to our roads and crossings but hubby spotted a fly struck lamb. The affected lamb was treated and the rest of flock will be treated tomorrow. The heavy rain diminished the effectiveness of their last, recent treatment.

It's an awful disease - extremely painful for the animal. A couple of our animals died of this disease over the years. It's caused by a blowfly laying eggs on wet, matted wool or small, open wounds. The eggs hatch into maggots which eat the animal alive. 

Strike can happen anytime during summer but particularly during warm, wet weather.

On a more positive note, the season is also perfect for mushrooms. We had fun foraging for the white heads on the farm. Will be enjoying this one in an omelet tomorrow morning.

The project for the weekend is fencing the orchard to prevent decimation from kangaroos and rabbits. The avocados are fluorishing given the Queensland-like conditions.

We hopped into the back of the ute for a ride to the main paddock,

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