Monday, March 19, 2012

Slippery, splinter-free slides

This image has been doing the rounds on Facebook with thousands of teenagers, including my daughter and her friends, 'liking' this cool notion.

(Images from Forbes and Gizmodo)

Apparently this is the home of the fun-loving Scott Jones who had this beauty crafted from mahogany.

The Web Urbanist reports:

When voicemail system inventor Scott Jones decided he wanted a slide inside his home, the bids he received were too high and he didn’t like the way the designs looked. That is, until he met woodworker Rodney Miller, who devised a wooden slide design using shipbuilding techniques. The resulting corkscrew wood slide, built alongside a set of traditional stairs, is over 16 feet tall and has a 13-foot drop. Construction of the slide, wasn’t easy, as Miller attests: “I originally started working on it while it was mounted on an axle so I could turn it at floor level. Eventually I had to add onto my garage so I could work on it while it was standing up to set the stair treads accurately.”

We have beautiful, historical staircases at work and I've often joked how fun it would be to have an adjoining slide to catapult us out the door after a long day of toil.

Hmmm. Which would be better for my house: a straight or twirly slide?

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