Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shiny Shoes and Reflections

Day 22 of the Photo A Day Challenge: 'My Shoes'.
While I do love wedges for work, I seem to have turned into my parents and live in Birkenstock sandals. But I haven't yet gone as far as donned socks with my Birkenstocks like my Dad!

The turquoise slip-on wedge, festooned with colourful 'jewels' are great for events. 
At front are my black and white Django & Juliette peep-through silver wedged heels for nights out.
Second are my red with beige wedge-heeled Kumps (now named Zeira). I also have a black pair. 
So comfy!
Third are ruby-red Magnini ballet slippers with sparky red tassles on the toes that I bought at Excessories.
Love the pink floral canvass wedges. Again, really comfy.
At the end are a pair of Diana Ferrari SuperSoft bronze and black slip-on, sturdy heels. 

Day 21: 'Reflection' in my front hall mirror. Having double doors at the front entry is such a good idea (our old house was built that way but we replaced them with solid timber doors). Helps when you need to bring large furniture in or out of your house. Also wonderful to open both doors to allow beautiful breezes into the house

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