Wednesday, January 11, 2012

House Goals for 2012

January Photo A Day Challenge: Day 11 'Where I Sleep'

This is my daughter's upholstered double bed. I love the turquoise/acqua blue.

Melissa from the Inspired Room blog ( asked her readers to post our dreams for homes in 2012, projects on our wish list. Mine:

  • Build a house on our farm
  • A new driveway for our existing home
  • Update our entertaining area in the backyard
  • Paint my son's bedroom
  • Add a third toilet in our back hallway
  • Place white subway tiles as the back splash in the kitchen, laundry and ensuite

Favourite routines

Lisa Leonard asked her blog readers what our favourite routines are. Mine:

  • Big breakfast on Sunday mornings 
  • Saturday visits to Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market to stock up the pantry and fridge with seafood and veggies – and lunch of borek
  • Lots of laundry on the weekends, getting bedsheets and towels onto the backyard Hills Hoist (the Australian rotary clothes line)
  • Friday pj party night involves a movie or game at home, and often a takeaway meal

During the week, my routine involves long hours commuting and working. On the train at 7am, in the office just before 9am. Back on the train at 7pm and home at 8:30pm. Weekly meetings with the best creative minds in the Australian performing arts and event management industry, hiring staff, commissioning suppliers, writing briefings, yada yada. 

I use the commute time to plan work, reply to emails and personal reading – if I don’t end up fast asleep on some poor unsuspecting soul’s shoulder sitting beside me! Other passengers can be entertained by watching my head snap forward in exhaustion when I’m trying to read. I wake with a start and promptly fall back asleep. How did I turn into my grandfather?

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