Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Australian Picture Rails

Melissa of The Inspired Room (www.theinspiredroom.net) started a great discussion about using picture rails in a home. They allow great flexibility because you can move paintings, prints, photos and decorative plates into any room along the rails with picture rail hooks. No nails or holes required.

In our Australian 'Californian Bungalow' the picture rails are positioned 2/3 up the walls and are very popular in older-style homes.

In the first two pics, you can see that the walls are painted white above the picture rail and buttercup yellow below. It really brightens and opens up the room.

Our picture rails had originally been stained a dark brown, but we stripped them back to their natural timber. The third photo shows the solid red walls in our dining room.

In case you want to know the artist for each print.... The first photo at the top is a print by Lesa Delisi called 'Point of Interest'. The second is by Carolyn Blish. The third is Catherine Simpson's 'Homemade Soup'.

Back to the January Photo A Day Challenge!

Day 10 "Childhood" - there's nothing better than Star Wars Lego.

The photo frames above can be used for Day 9 "Routine" - if not the daily routine of cleaning them (which I certainly don't do enough of), then at least the routine of looking at them with enjoyment.

Day 8 "Sky" - over the Goulburn River in front of our house.

Day 7 "Favourite" dam on our farm where we can fish and boat.

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