Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favourite Things in 2009 - Part 3

9. I've been coveting the talented Lisa Leonard's charming laundry line necklace. On my wish list for 2010, I hope to order my own personalised necklace as a way to symbolically carry my family with me every day.

10. What I treasure the most though is not anything materialistic - but the
memorable moments with family and friends in 2009. Nothing represents this better than the priceless picture below of my parents being surprised by a rogue wave as they posed for a relaxing photo on the beach at Burleigh Heads, Queensland - a favourite place for our family to holiday. They are such hams! I am so grateful for this wonderful time that I got to share with my parents who live in Canada. So if I were to stretch my 10 favourite things to 11 things, I should add the marvellous Skype that keeps me personally connected to my family and friends on the other end of the planet. What an amazing thing, this technology!

Thank you God for providing us with a happy, healthful 2009. We've been very fortunate. While I have just listed favourite things in 2009 as a way to record my time in Australia, I hope in 2010 we will focus on and appreciate the simple things in life.

May you be blessed in 2010.

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