Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favourite Things in 2009 - Part 2

6. A month ago I finally found a second-hand, 5-piece rattan lounge suite for the front porch on eBay from a couple living in a nearby town (who fortuitously were visiting our neighbours the day they delivered the set) at a reasonable price. It's been very popular with the neighbourhood kids. Hopefully the neighbourhood cats don't make themselves at home and ruin the cushions.

7. I don't spend a lot time and money on preening but I do enjoy pamper products like:
  • Lush's best-selling soap called Honey I Washed the Kids - has the most yummy scent like sticky toffee and honey. It contains sweet orange oil, bergamot oil, gardenia extract and aloe vera. But, alas, it also contains the nasty sodium lauryl sulfate......why?! Ah well, a bar of it is nice to perfume one's linen closet or drawers.
  • Yes to Carrots may sound like a zany name for pamper products but they certainly are reasonably priced and their shampoo, body wash and face cream have been a family favourite and staved off my son's eczema.

  • More natural are the Living Nature products from New Zealand. My skin never looks better than when I use these products.

  • Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick gives lips a natural stain. I always get nice comments from other women who ask if I'm wearing something on my lips and what it is.

8. I finally succumbed to the children's request for a Nintendo Wii as the family's Christmas gift this year, but secretly I've been wanting to use Wii Fit Plus myself. When the kids have not been outside swimming or riding scooters, during the hottest part of the day they have come in to ski, play baseball, soccer, karate and test their balance doing hilarious yoga poses. Trouncing my son in boxing felt pretty good and was surprisingly exhausting. Hopefully his loss to his mother turns him off this awful "sport".

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