Saturday, December 26, 2009

Canterbury Christmas

Andrew's pride and joy: Tasmanian organic turkey cooked using Delia Smith's recipe for a no-fail moist bird but cooked in a Webber.

Plus locally smoked ham from Taurus Meats kicked off with prawns and oysters -- derigeur for an Aussie Christmas.

Nona's plum pudding, champagne and the necessary Christmas crackers stuffed with colourful, tissue paper crowns, bad jokes and cheap toys,

Hours of cricket and ping pong matches. Scooter rides for the younger kids to the park (tagging along allowed me the opportunity to snoop and drool over all the gorgeous Canterbury homes and front gardens - sigh).

But most important of all for a fantastic Christmas in Canterbury, was the hospitality of Sally, Bruce and Nat, and the love and company of Andrew's family (minus a large part of the crew who were spending this day elsewhere).

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