Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leadership Lurch

Phenomenal stuff. Australia's first-term Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was last year termed the most popular Australian PM ever. Today he faced a leadership battle from the Deputy PM Julia Gillard.

On my way to a meeting at Channel 7's Docklands studio this morning, I was told by someone with media links that Labor Party factional leaders were calling around to seek support for a leadership change to win the next election. Who would have thought things would progress so quickly tonight. The next couple of days will be fascinating to watch via the media.

The leadership vote will happen tomorrow morning, on the eve of the G20 Summit in Canada. Will Rudd be leading the Australian delegation Friday?

Gillard ambled past me Monday afternoon at Melbourne's Treasury precinct looking relaxed and elegantly stylised, as she was to be photographed outside. On tonight's news bulletins, she looked tired and drawn.

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