Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrumptiousness, Shopping & Strolls

My folks are enroute to Toronto -- back home to the last of winter. They have been excessively generous, and a huge help at home and in the garden while visiting with us for a month.

Some of their favourite things and places have included:

  1. Yummy treats like Trampoline Gelato (two of my favourites are Banana and Hazelnut) and Devonshire tea (scones, jam, and cream with a lovely cuppa).
  2. Shopping is always a given when holidaying or visiting with Gran. My parents were impressed with the elegant, new Westfield Doncaster (pic above), and the quaint Maling Road, Canterbury (pic below) is an annual favourite haunt. There are more shopping areas they want to explore next year like Williamstown/Port Melbourne and Church Street, Richmond.
  3. Strolls along the walking paths on the Elwood and Brighton Beaches, their drool-worthy beachside residential streets, as well the tree-lined streets in Canterbury.

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